Simplified Recordkeeping Forms

DSA's Client Manual, Forms and MiniBook have all been designed in a way that makes recordkeeping easy, freeing you to focus on growing your business. We supply our clients with simplified forms and bookkeeping techniques tailored to their needs, coupled with ongoing training and support from our accounting staff.

Ongoing Accounting Support

DSA Tax & Bookkeeping is designed to provide a very high level of accounting support. A DSA accountant is assigned to each new client to ensure personal service. Your DSA accountant will review your startup materials, making sure you are comfortable with these valuable recordkeeping tools. Beyond the exchange of monthly financial information and preparation of all required tax filings, your DSA accountant will be available to answer your tax and accounting questions throughout the year.

Monthly Financial Statements

Each month our clients submit their Monthly Reporting to their DSA Representative on our simple to use forms.  We then provide our clients with a profit and loss statement for their business containing information about the business' taxable income, deductible expenses and anticipated tax liabilities. These monthly statements enable you to review all of your deductions and prepare for tax payments well in advance.

Tax Return Preparation

Your DSA Representative will prepare both your personal and business tax returns each year. All required federal and state schedules and returns will be included at no additional charge. DSA's targeted distributor strategies for tracking deductions and monthly financial statements ensure maximum deductions and savings for you.

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